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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Find More Grants!

available grants for nonprofits



New food, nutrition and agriculture grants open up for applications EVERY DAY in Alaska.  Your organization may be missing out on these opportunities!

Are you...

♦  Spending countless hours searching for available grants?

♦  Frustrated when you find out about grants after the application period has closed?

♦  Tired of using more time looking for grants than actually applying for them?

♦  Interested in available funding from often overlooked and less competitive sources?


Then take advantage of our targeted available grant alerts, customized deadline calendar, and searchable database.  Streamline your grant research and zero in on funding to help your organization fulfill its mission!


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Food, Nutrition and Ag Grants in Alaska
New in the Good Works Toolbox Pro Today

Here is a brief highlight of just some of the available grants added to the Good Works Toolbox Pro today!


Arts and Humanities - Oklahoma

$2,000 maximum grant; 12/31/15 deadline 


Health, Human Services & Public Benefit - Multiple States

maximum grant not specified; 10/31/16 deadline

Dairy Producer Industry Awareness Grants (National)

The education foundation of the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin is offering money to non-profit organizations that have unique ideas in educating consumers about the importance of the dairy industry.  The application deadlines are June 1 and December 1, annually.

Organic Food Grants Available (National)

The FAFO Farmer Committee accepts proposals from individuals and organizations seeking funding for particular projects or programs dedicated to furthering organic education, organic farming or product research, and organic advocacy.  The application deadline for amounts over $50,000 is September 1.  Applications for mini-grants may be submitted at any time.

Hunger Relief Grants (Multiple States)

The Safeway Foundation supports nonprofit organizations whose mission is aligned with their four priority areas:

* Hunger Relief
* Education
* Health and Human Services
* Assisting People with Disabilities


There is no application deadline.

Environment Grant (National)

The Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation supports a broad spectrum of causes which support the environment, alternative health care and the arts. Applications may be submitted any time during the year


Alaska Grants

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