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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Our Latest News
Percentage of Income Spent on Mission - Part 2
In my last post, I questioned the validity of using ‘percent of income spent on mission’ as a valuable measurement of an organization’s effectiveness. This is an easily manipulated number. If the organization is based in dishonesty (we all know they exist), they’ll have no hesitation with shifting numbers around to come in at a threshold to avoid scrutiny. 

Is Percentage of Income Spent on Mission a Viable Measurement?


You may have read that Oregon passed a law in June (House Bill 2060) imposing restrictions on nonprofits spending less than 30% of their annual gross income on their charitable mission. This law would remove the tax exemption on disqualified donations and would eliminate any property tax exemptions the organization receives in Oregon, in addition to eliminating other subsidies. Doesn’t that sound great? Let’s punish those darn low percentage performers!


Not so fast…things are not always as they seem.


Seven Tips for Cleaning Up Your Grant Writing

I’ve always thought of writing like painting a picture, whether writing a fun creative story, an article for the local newspaper, or a grant application. These seven basic tips are core ideas that I’ve relied on for years, no matter what I’m working on. They help me start painting and cleaning up my written picture. Hopefully they’ll help you too!




What My Eight Year Old Reminded Me About Grant Writing

…or How We Went From Tears to a Completed Project in 30 Minutes


My eight year old son has reached the point in school where he’s expected to do some writing beyond simple question and answer sentences. Yesterday, he was supposed to write his own 4-8 line rhythmic and rhyming chant – think “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear touch the ground”. I checked in with him to make sure he understood rhythm and rhyme. He did, so I left him on his own to work on his project. He focuses too much on seeking my approval when I’m sitting next to him, so I have to go about my business and encourage him from afar.



What does this have to do with grant writing anyway? Keep reading!


Do Your Donors Have to Chase You Down?

I was talking with a retired friend the other day and he mentioned that he reached out to a local organization that he had donated to in the past. He hadn’t heard from them for a couple years, so he contacted them to see if they needed anything. They told him they would let him know and that was the end of the conversation.

Beyond the Thank You - Seven Great Ways to Recognize Your Funders

We’ve written before about the importance of promptly thanking your funders when you receive a grant or sponsorship. A truly exceptional nonprofit also recognizes that there are more ways to recognize their investment in your organization. This extra effort helps build and strengthen an ongoing relationship and it doesn’t take much time - we know you’re busy!

What To Do With Thrift Store Overflow

I know a lot of organizations we work with run thrift stores to supplement their programs.  And more than a few have been overwhelmed with donations of old clothes and 'stuff', some to the point of having to rent storage containers for the overflow while they sort through it all.

How Do You Deal With a Bullying Board Member?

Bullies aren’t just in our schools and workplaces. I’m in the process of exiting board service from a theater arts organization with an artistic director who is a bully. I was asked to be on the board, was met with open arms, and I had high hopes for contributing to the development of a promising and popular organization. My enthusiasm was short-lived.

My Best Grant Writing Tip

I hate to tell you this but my best tip has almost nothing to do with actually writing a grant proposal.

Five Warning Signs That It's Time to Abandon Ship

As a volunteer, consultant, employee or board member of a nonprofit, have you ever wondered if your time, donations or labor are really ‘worth it’?  If you said “No, I’ve never wondered. I KNOW it’s worth it”, then congratulations!  You’re in a good spot and you can stop reading right here.  For the rest of you left wondering, there are five signs it’s time to consider saving your sanity and bail out.  If you recognize one or more of these, start thinking about your future....

Animal Related Grants
Deer Habitat Improvement Grants in Michigan

The Department of Natural Resources is taking grant applications for Deer Private Land Assistance Network grants.

Wildlife Grants in Pennsylvania

The Fish and Boat Commission is accepting applications for State Wildlife Grants. Projects funded with these grants will help address conservation needs for a high-priority conservation project for the timber rattlesnake, a species in the State Wildlife Action Plan.

Animal Welfare Grants in Alabama

The Remy Fund for Pets and Animal Services, a special fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, is now accepting grant proposals for the 2014 grant cycle.

Wildlife and Habitat Protection Grants in Pennsylvania

The Sierra Club Allegheny Group Huplits Wildlife Grants Committee is seeking grant proposals to help protect animal wildlife and wildlife habitat in Pennsylvania.

Bird Habitat Grants Available in Oregon

Klamath Basin Audubon Society has grants available to support local individuals or nonprofit groups working on projects that contribute to opportunities for the community to experience and appreciate the region’s natural resources, including birds, bird habitats and other wildlife.

Grants for Pets in the Classroom

Pets in the Classroom is an educational grants program supporting responsible pet care for school classrooms. Sponsored by the Pet Care Trust, the goal of the program is to establish healthy child-pet relationships at an early age by supporting responsible pet care in Kindergarten-6th Grade classrooms across the U.S. and Canada.

Grants for Animal Shelters
The Edith J. Goode Residuary Trust supports the development of organizational capacity for organizations incorporated for the prevention of cruelty to animals. In particular, the trust supports shelter management and other training costs for shelter personnel.  

Spay and Neuter Grants in Washington

The Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies accepts applications quarterly for funding generated by the "We Love Our Pets" License Plates.  Washington grants


Bernice Barbour Foundation Grants

The Bernice Barbour Foundation supports the preservation and care of animals and the prevention of cruelty to animals. The foundation supports nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to benefit animals.

Maddies Fund Grants
  Guided by its mission to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals, Maddie's Fund is devoting its resources to help make the United States a "no-kill nation."

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